Cupboard Value is a proud member of the KSA (Kitchen Specialist Association)

The KSA is an industry parent body with one goal in mind: To create a professional and stable trading environment in which the industry can prosper and consumers can enjoy complete peace of mind. The KSA has a strict code of ethics to which all of its members subscribe.

The KSA recommends you consider the following guidelines:

  • Is the company a member of the KSA?
  • Does the company have a showroom where you can inspect the workmanship & quality?
  • Is the company happy for you to visit previous customers?
  • Does the company make provision for an amount of money to be retained until the installation is completed to your
  • Do you fully understand your drawing plans and what you will receive at installation?
  • Does the contract clearly specify all materials and fittings and extras?
  • Is the company reputable with professional experienced staff?
  • Beware of companies reducing material specs in order to cut prices.


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